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October 30, 2008

Fill Up on News – 10/30


The average gas price in America has shifted to well below $3 a gallon.

However, the price of gas is expected to stabilize just around $3 a gallon.

Sharon is going to acquire Texas oil and gas provider Eagleford Shale.

The increased Chinese industrialization is increasing their methane output.

A perceived lack of demand due to the slowing economy has done its job to bring down oil prices.

The gas companies seem to be thriving despite their product’s falling price.

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October 27, 2008

Fill Up on News – 10/27


Big international oil producers are looking to drive prices up in lieu of the recent fall.

Some feel this move was done merely to unnerve the western world.

Gas prices have fallen record amounts in the last two weeks.

If this trend continues, oil prices may even reach their nineteen month lows.

Washington Gas Energy Services Introduces new residential and small commercial energy offers for BGE consumers.

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October 14, 2008

Fill Up on News – 10/14


A major Russian gas company is negotiating prices with businesses in Alaska.

Consumers should be happy to hear that gas prices are expected to fall faster and further.

Large gas reserves have been confirmed in Turkmenistan by an official audit.

The Middle East is having a tough time grappling with the falling oil prices. has an excellent interactive graph of crude oil prices since 1861.

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October 10, 2008

Fill Up on News – 10/10


Russia has announced that they will not cut off oil supplies to the US or Europe.

Sarah Palin actually has a rather mainstream policy towards dealing with big oil.

Consumer oil prices are falling in Texas as well as other states throughout the union.

Gas prices, in fact, are even below $3.50 in many reigons.

The price of oil per barrel is even below $80 in America.

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October 8, 2008

Fill Up on News – 10/08


Oil was down a dollar today while crude rose significantly.

Demand concerns caused a bit of a slide in oil today as well.

Oil prices now are actually almost a dollar more than they were a year ago.

Oil is reaching the all-time lows for this year at the pump, however.

A new, environmentally friendly oil recycling plant has been built in Northeaster Ohio.

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