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Frustration in Congress: Lawmakers Struggle Over Record Oil Profits

Americans are feeling the squeeze as prices at the pump continue to rise, further deepening the pockets of multinational oil companies. This has provoked the ire of some on Capitol Hill who feel these high fuel prices are slowing growth in their districts. Daniel Graeber of notes:

“U.S. Rep. Ed Markey, ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said he wanted lawmakers to repeal what he said amounted to a $7 billion tax break for energy companies.

‘I will soon be introducing legislation that will end Big Oil’s subsidies,’ he said in a statement. ‘As Congress works to address the numerous fiscal challenges facing our nation, it is time for Republicans in Congress to join me to end Big Oil’s subsidies, which is a common sense deficit reduction measure available right now.’

At the same time that BP was beating analyst’s expectations, motor group AAA said American consumers in February paid more for gasoline than what’s typical for this time of year. A decision by Hess Corp. to close a New Jersey refinery, followed by a fire that closed the Toledo refinery for PBF Energy, helped push gasoline prices higher in the United States. Crude oil prices above $100 per barrel, meanwhile, added to consumer woes.”

While lawmakers may squabble on the big issues, they are still far from coming to any sort of consensus over ways to bring fuel costs down for the average person. Plans for increased offshore drilling or new domestic pipelines face opposition both from Democrats in Congress and from President Obama. It is clear that for the time being, individuals and fleet owners alike will have to budget at the mercy of the market.

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