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Talks to Resume Over Iranian Nuclear Program

In a potentially promising move, talks are scheduled to continue on the subject of the Iranian nuclear program. If successful, negotiations could calm tensions over the contentious Strait of Hormuz – but it is too early to tell if any progress will be made. The Los Angeles Times suggests an air of distrust surrounding the talks:

“International concerns have been rising in recent months, amid signs that Tehran is edging closer to a nuclear capability. Diplomats acknowledge that if the two sides don’t make progress within the next few weeks there may be a long interruption in the talks because of the approach of presidential elections in Iran in June.

A senior U.S. official said the agreement was ‘positive’ but added that ‘we’ll be looking to see if they are prepared to engage seriously.’

But a senior Iranian official was quoted questioning Western motives in the negotiation, suggesting that some officials in Tehran may not be in a mood to make a deal.”

As of this moment, the relatively promising developments on this front – along with the success of the French mission in Mali – seem to be keeping oil prices from spiking even higher. Given that we are expecting price increases as the spring months already, the prospect of the talks in Iran falling through shortly before their Presidential election in June could be devastating.

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