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October 4, 2011

Man on the Street Now Man in the House?


Could not resist this article’s catchy title ‘The Man on the
Street: Less Time on the Street, More Time in the House.’
Sure makes sense to me!

The facts: Gas consumption is down 30% from 2007. More energy efficient, right?
Residential electricity sales in 2010 highest on record.

The writer’s take on this (put your own thinking cap on for a minute):

With gasoline prices high, the economy weak and Americans driving less, they aren’t spending as many discretionary dollars at the shopping mall or for recreation and entertainment. So, they must be staying at home more. They are cooking at home more. They are watching more TV — on the big screen LCD units they bought during the past several years. They are surfing the Internet, tweeting and chatting on Facebook.

Gotta say, that’s what I do.

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