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California gas prices are falling, but consumers feel little relief. Prices fell 3.6 cents/gal this week to $3.887 – a record for this time of year.

Michael Stell of Foothill Ranch is cutting back on everything he can – driving, electricity, air conditioning. He lost his job and had to settle for one that paid less.

“My dad was an Arco distributor, and I know he must be rolling over in his grave about prices like these,” Stell said. “It seems like they always shoot up a lot over a few weeks, and then they drop a little bit, and very slowly. I don’t fell good about these prices at all.”

Experts say:

“Are the price reductions we’re seeing this week going to make Americans drive more? I doubt it,” said Fred Rozell, director of retail pricing for the Oil Price Information Service. “Not with stagnant personal incomes and such high unemployment, and gas prices still running much higher than they were a year ago.”

Phil Flynn, an analyst with PFGBest Research, said gasoline prices could drop faster and further if Libyan oil returns to the world market by the end of the year

Gas prices aren’t really lower until you feel it,

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