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Five Myths About Gas Prices

You certainly don’t believe everything you read, do you? Here are 5 myths about gas prices. Read the article, pass it on to 10 friends and your personal gas price will drop (heh heh).

#1. Fighting in Libya is sending prices up. Nope. Less than 2% of the 86 million barrels consumed each day comes from Libya. But all the action there does make people nervous.

#2. Tapping the Strategic Reserve is a good way to control oil price. Are you kidding? It’s only about a 30-day supply at current consumption rates.

#3. Oil companies produce less in the spring to increase oil prices. No again. It’s because what’s in our gas changes from season to season.

#4 The Obama administration is driving up oil prices. Nah!! Politics. Politics. The President can’t control oil prices.

#5. Americans can’t live without cheap gas. It’s somewhere along the lines of ‘If you’ve got ‘em, smoke ‘em’ Of course we can. Europeans have been dong it for decades.

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