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March 30, 2011

Reality Check


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Five Myths About Gas Prices


You certainly don’t believe everything you read, do you? Here are 5 myths about gas prices. Read the article, pass it on to 10 friends and your personal gas price will drop (heh heh).

#1. Fighting in Libya is sending prices up. Nope. Less than 2% of the 86 million barrels consumed each day comes from Libya. But all the action there does make people nervous.

#2. Tapping the Strategic Reserve is a good way to control oil price. Are you kidding? It’s only about a 30-day supply at current consumption rates.

#3. Oil companies produce less in the spring to increase oil prices. No again. It’s because what’s in our gas changes from season to season.

#4 The Obama administration is driving up oil prices. Nah!! Politics. Politics. The President can’t control oil prices.

#5. Americans can’t live without cheap gas. It’s somewhere along the lines of ‘If you’ve got ‘em, smoke ‘em’ Of course we can. Europeans have been dong it for decades.

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March 23, 2011

Perfect Storm for Oil Traders


Oil Prices Still heading UP

The bad news just keeps on coming. Middle East, Libya, Japan. And now prime driving season is here. Many drivers are already paying $4/gal.

Crude is spiraling higher. Up 20% since mid-Feb.

This may be the ‘perfect storm’ for traders. Hang on to your wallets.

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March 22, 2011

Small Laugh


A little gas humor

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March 11, 2011

Mr. President Says No (for now)


President Obama announced at a press conference today that the Strategic Petroleum Reserves would not be tapped at the moment.

Yes, gas is up to something like $3.50/ gal. Mr. Obama said his administration would consider releasing some of the precious stuff if gas prices keep rising, but for the moment the spigot was closed.

Oil price analysts are saying $5 gas is possible. Summer gas at least $3.75.

What’s your personal plan of action?

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