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The Military Forges Ahead On Tech

Yes, It’s the military again, this time blazing the trail for alternative energy. It’s rushing to deploy solar energy equip on th battlefields of Afghanistan.

No they are not solely green-conscious. It costs them a mint to transport fossil fuel to the land-locked country.

This is great news for all Americans! Once the military gets interested in a technology, the costs can only come down. Think the microchip NASA wanted them for Minuteman missiles & the space program. In 1961 the cost was $32/microchip. In 1971, $1.25. Now it’s something less than a nickel. Look at the IBM computer. $78,000, but the Social Security Agency & Selective Service wanted them. You know what a computer costs now. The highway system. High School math & science funding (to keep up with the Ruskies).

Think ahead, people! This is a way to get solar technology into the hands of all of us.

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