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October 26, 2010

Demand Up A Little – Prices Up More


US demand for gasoline rose 2.7% last week from the week before, but almost the same y/o/y.

Given that information, you tell me why gas prices went up 6 cents last week!

Why aren’t we getting our gas prices from free market capitalism instead of oil option traders?

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October 20, 2010

Heed The Story of Coal Oil Johnny


Oil speculators, this ones for you. The Legend of Coal Oil Johnny. Had a fortune and lost it. Died penniless.

An orphan, Johnny was taken in by his aunt, and lived on a farm in Titusville, PA. Oil was discovered under this sorry piece of dirt. Said aunt died & left everything to Johnny.

Johnny lived it up. Lost his fortune, but came back to live a regular life as a railroad agent in Nebraska.

Take a lesson here.

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October 14, 2010

Gas On The Rise


My low fuel indicator finally came on yesterday. OMG price at the station with the lowest prices in town was $3.09/gal. for reg. Now I see AAA Gas Gauge Report shows a definite upward trend.

Lundberg Survey shows gas prices up 8 cents/gallon over the last 2 weeks. Yikes!

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October 13, 2010

Bring In The Best and the Brightest


Shell is giving MIT $25 million for research. Goal: to find more efficient technologies to find and deliver oil and natural gas. Of course, Shell will have the option to license the tech stuff MIT develops, but that seems fair enough.

“The energy future is an uncertain one, where we need completely new solutions,’’ Gerald Schotman, the energy company’s chief technology officer, said. “It’s a very deliberate decision to step up.’’

Shell is not the only company donating to the MIT energy initiative. BP, Italian oil company, Eni, Lockheed-Martin. What’s not to like?

As Robert F. Kauffman, Boston University says,

“this is great for MIT,’’ Kaufmann said. “It’s always good to have smart people working on important problems.’’

You can’t coach speed.

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October 7, 2010

The Military Forges Ahead On Tech


Yes, It’s the military again, this time blazing the trail for alternative energy. It’s rushing to deploy solar energy equip on th battlefields of Afghanistan.

No they are not solely green-conscious. It costs them a mint to transport fossil fuel to the land-locked country.

This is great news for all Americans! Once the military gets interested in a technology, the costs can only come down. Think the microchip NASA wanted them for Minuteman missiles & the space program. In 1961 the cost was $32/microchip. In 1971, $1.25. Now it’s something less than a nickel. Look at the IBM computer. $78,000, but the Social Security Agency & Selective Service wanted them. You know what a computer costs now. The highway system. High School math & science funding (to keep up with the Ruskies).

Think ahead, people! This is a way to get solar technology into the hands of all of us.

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