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Where The Heck Is Romeoville?

You may not know, but I do. It’s a Chicago burb right next door to me. A little sneeze – well ok yes, a small oil spill was discovered there.

Guess what happened next? The pipeline needed to be shut down to repair a 2-in. holel. Within days, gas prices in Chicago levitated 16 cents.

“It’s like shutting down the lifeblood that feeds the organs,” said Tom Kloza, publisher and chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Service, a global leader in petroleum pricing and industry news.

“The spill itself is insignificant,” Kloza said. “It’s the shutting down of the pipeline that got everyone’s attention.”

No firm time frame for clean up of the fuel spilled, or even how big the spill was.

Now some are accusing gas stations of artificially raising prices. Imagine that!

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