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Judge Rules Against Drilling Moratorium

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman ruled against the Obama Administration’s 6 month exploratory drilling moratorium, which affected 33 deep water rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Said Feldman:

The court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium.The blanket moratorium, with no parameters, seems to assume that because one rig failed and although no one yet fully knows why, all companies and rigs drilling new wells over 500 feet also universally present an imminent danger.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar immediately took steps to impose that very same moratorium via the more direct jurisdiction of his department. Feldman’s decision is sure to be appealed by the Obama Administration, and until a final verdict is reached it is nearly impossible to predict the implications when it comes to fuel costs.

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