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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Life (on an oil rig)

Emily Yoffee is a human guinea pig. She does things so you don’t have to, and writes about them in Slate.

In 2007 she took a 24-hour ‘vacation’ on an oil rig.

You simply must read the whole article. A synopsis can not possibly do justice.

Emily flew by helicopter 150 miles into the Gulf of Mexico to the Ocean America rig (same one that had the explosion the other day). She was immediately outfitted with hardhat, safety-glasses & steel-toed boots and had to remove all jewelry.

She toured the rig which sounds an awful lot like a submarine to us: small quarters, a place for everything and everything in it place. Food is available 24/7.

Standard rig menu: steak on Tuesday and Saturday, seafood on Friday, fried chicken on Sunday

Emily ate, toured the whole rig with drilling supervisor, Rusty Critselous, watched some of the crew fishing from 90 feet up, slept overnight.

It certainly opened our eyes.

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