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Looking To Get The Most Miles From Your $3 Gallon?

It’s just too early to go electric. These cars are expensive right now ( the Volt, or the Nissan Leaf). Wait for $8 gas or a few years until the price comes down.

So what to do? Forbes says the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris subcompacts get the best mileage.

Don’t want to think so small? The Ford Escape small SUV and Volkswagan Jetta sedan can also get a lot of miles to the gallon.

Don’t forget about the hybrids. Not that much engine but…

“If gas prices go up to $4 a gallon, your hybrid, even on the used-car market, is going to be very attractive,” Quincy says. “But you can’t just put pressure on people to buy smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. They won’t until they have to. They won’t do it until the price of gas gets really expensive.”

You can pretty much skip the Chrysler brand. Not too much in the way of gas-sippers there. Wait until next year.

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