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MythBusters by Ford

Ford refutes 5 bits of auto advice you learned at mother’s knee.

1. Change your oil every 3,000 miles. FALSE. This used to be true, but no longer. More like every 5,000 miles. Put that extra $50 back in your pocket.

2. You need to warm up your engine in cold weather. FALSE. Maybe 10 seconds is all you need. Save your gas.

3. Premium gas is a treat for your car. FALSE. Unless your car specifically needs it, you’re wasting your hard-earned bucks.

4. The number on the side of your tire is the recommended tire pressure. FALSE. No, silly, that would be the maximum tire pressure. Look inside the door for the recommended amount and make sure that’s the pressure in your tires. You waste gas by driving around on under-inflateds.

5. Buy gas in the morning before it ‘heats up.’ FALSE. Those gas tanks are underground in non-metallic tanks. It would take quite a bit to raise the temp even 1 degree.

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