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The Hydrogen Car Gets Its Groove Back

Energy Sec. Steven Chu was/is not a big fan of using gov. money for “clean vehicles” (he actually almost mocked their potential), and zeroed their funding.

In slashing the budget, Chu, an advocate of alternative energy, reopened longstanding questions over whether hydrogen cars are a distant pipe dream, or as former President Bush once said, a technology that could be in showrooms by 2019.

Never fear, the Senate is here. On Thurs. the Senate agreed to restore all the money for hydrogen car research that was previously cut. The hydrogen people are happy, carmakers are happy.

We’re grateful to the Congress for seeing the value in continuing this work,” said Jerome Hinkle, vice president of government affairs for the National Hydrogen Association. He added that the administration has since seemed to moderate its opposition to hydrogen cars.

“They’ve made peace with it,” he said.

We shall see.

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