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Oops! Not So Fast With That Alaska Off-shore Drilling

The Fed Appeals Court ruled that Dubya’s administration did not (surprise, surprise) properly study the environmental impact of off-shore drilling.

Back to the drawing board. The Court ordered the now Obama-appointed Ken Salazar to analyze potential damage before going ahead.

The API joined a lawsuit to defend the program.

“It would be a disservice to all Americans — and a devastating blow to the economy — if this decision were to delay further the development of vital oil and natural gas resources,” the organization said in a statement. “Development in federal waters off the nation’s coast provides thousands of well-paying jobs, government revenues and the fuel needed to run America’s cars and factories, heat our homes and the feedstock needed to make the materials we use every day.”

Too bad for them. The judges just didn’t think the ‘hard look’ at the environmental impact thing was really done.

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