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Gas Just Plain Costs Less

Tom Kloza of Speaking of Oil points out the obvious. We are paying less than half of the price of gas we were paying “167 days ago,” and it probably will go lower.

But some other multi-year records could be broken before the NFL playoffs conclude. The low nationwide price for the decade is the $1.0769 gal average compiled on December 18, 2001. I think that record will remain intact. But other benchmarks could fall. Gasoline last sold for less than $1.60 gal countrywide on January 23, 2004. It last sold for less than $1.50 gal on the first day of 2004 when the price averaged $1.4842 gal. The last time it sold for less than $1.45 gal was December 31, 2002.

But, gasoline price is fickle.

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