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July 31, 2008

Think Gallons Per Mile


Duke University researchers say thinking gallons/mile rather than miles/gallon gives a person a much clearer picture of fuel savings.

There is a math illusion here,” said Richard Larrick, a management professor at Duke University, whose research appears in the journal Science.

Larrick said most people think improvements in miles per gallon are all the same, where a 5 gallon per mile improvement would yield the same gas savings in a car that gets 10 miles per gallon or 20 miles per gallon. (One mile equals 1.61 kilometers, and one U.S. gallon equals 3.79 liters.)

“The reality that few people appreciate is that improving fuel efficiency from 10 to 20 miles per gallon is actually a more significant savings than improving from 25 to 50 miles per gallon for the same distance of driving,” Larrick said.

Larrick experimented on college students, giving them a small test of car choices with fuel efficiency expressed in miles/gallon. Students had problems determining the greatest gain in fuel efficiency.

When he turned it around to gallons/mile, the change in fuel efficiency was obvious

To help you out, here’s a conversion table Larrick’s team developed.

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Fill Up on News – 7/31/08


The release of new US economic data has lowered the price of gas to almost $124.

A list of the world’s top ten car-owning countries gives a good idea of who’s using the most gasoline.

Exxon and Shell are making nice profits off of the rising oil prices.

The debate rages on: is it time for more drilling or less oil?

Oil prices being as high as they are now are recognized as abnormal and could be much lower.

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July 30, 2008

Fill Up on News – 7/30/08


Oil prices moved up slightly today as the US discovers its supplies were slightly lower than expeced.

Nigeria’s oil production has dropped significantly in the midst of their violent conflict.

The GOP and George Push are continuing their push for offshore drilling as a solution to the energy crisis.

More oil leaked on the Mississippi again today, but it did not affect the flow of water traffic.

Iraq’s oil output is the highest it’s been right now since the initial invasion.

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July 29, 2008

Fill Up on News – 7/29/08


Oil drops today on a falling demand and a strong US dollar.

Crude futures have actually fallen near a three-month low in their prices.

The crazy oil market isn’t just the fault of speculators – in fact it can be analyzed by following supply and demand principles.

It appears that oil is actually falling in line with reality, thankfully.

John McCain is still calling for more domestic oil production; he hopes to make it a staple of his campaign.

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July 28, 2008

Fill Up on News – 7/28/08


Oil and gas prices churn again today over tensions in Iran and Nigeria.

A collapse has left an important oil distribution center exposed.

There is increased confusion as the activity of oil speculators in the market continues to grow.

Nigerian militants have blown up two oil pipelines in an overnight attack.

Workers are still struggling to cope with the oil spill near New Orleans.

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