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Oil Companies Keep Their Tax Breaks

Earlier this week Senate Democrats tried to eliminated the $17 billion in oil co. tax breaks, and also add a windfall profits tax.

The result: No Go. The Republicans, in lock-step, blocked the attempt to bring the issue to a vote. It died on the Senate floor. (Who will clean up this mess, anyway?)

Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill voted to kill them, the tax breaks that is.

“…if the choice is to do nothing, then I hope the people of this country rise up and scream like they’ve never screamed before,” she said on the Senate floor. “How…dare us do nothing? That is what they’re ready to vote on, saying, ‘We’re not going to let you proceed to do something about this problem.’ It take a lot of nerve, Mr. President, it takes a lot of nerve.”

“I’m from the Show-Me State,” [Kit]Bond [Missouri] said in a statement after the vote, “and you can’t show me a time when raising taxes on something lowered its price or increased its supply. With $4 a gallon gas, we need real solutions that open up supplies of energy here at home and give American families the relief they need.”

Lots of talk.

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