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Save Water – Shower With a Friend

Well, this is not exactly the same thing, but how about saving gas by sharing rides. We’re not just talking kiddie carpool, this company is looking at the BIG picture.

pick up pal [pik-uhp-pal] – noun
a global eco-friendly transportation revolution that connects drivers, passengers, and packages
with the places they need to go.

Co-founder Eric DewHurst dropped into our site and provided some info:

I am the co-founder of a company providing Carpooling/Ridesharing on a global scale to help reduce costs and CO2 emissions. The idea is that we are mixing social networking with eBay like features to help individuals to leverage their personal vehicle to cut down on their carbon footprint. We are focussing on getting people to rideshare to events, (concerts, festivals, marathons, sporting events), where users have an affinity and would like to travel with people sharing the same interests.

and a link to an enlightening news article, ‘Buddy can you spare a ride?.’

t PickupPal is trying to raise the bar. For one, it has a slick look and nice feel. And like an eBay or Facebook, the site was designed to be globally reaching yet locally relevant, using Google Maps to provide driving routes.

“We’ve set up rides in Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Laos, Thailand,” says Stewart. “We really didn’t know what areas of the world were going to adopt this. Two weeks ago we launched in Australia and it’s become our second-busiest marketplace,” just passing the United States.

Canada remains on top and, within the country, Ontario and British Columbia have the highest concentration of users.

It’s not so much that PickupPal is such a new and radical idea, it’s just that the time (and price of gas) has never been more right.

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