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$4 Gas Is A Bargain…

…certainly compared to gas prices
in other countries. Americans just don’t realize how we have been subsidized here.

American gasoline is also dirt-cheap compared with gas in other countries. British motorists are currently paying about $8.38 per gallon for gasoline. In Norway, a major oil exporter, drivers are paying $8.73. In 2007, out of the 32 industrialized countries surveyed by the International Energy Agency, only one (Mexico) had cheaper gasoline than the United States. Last year, drivers in Turkey were paying three times as much for their gasoline as Americans were. The IEA data also show that in India—where the per capita gross domestic product is about $2,700 (about 6 percent of the per capita GDP in the United States)—drivers have been paying more for their diesel fuel and gasoline than their American counterparts.

(Gasoline is also cheap compared with other essential fuels. A Starbucks venti latte costs the equivalent of $23 per gallon while Budweiser beer runs $11 per gallon.)

And here’s a good story. A fellow by the name of Steve Meisner bought a 1956 butter-yellow cadillac online. He could had had it shipped back to Germany from AZ right away, but decided to come to the US, pick it up, and go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and a few other National Parks, as well as, Utah, Las Vegas and LA.

“This is adventure. This is cruising,” Meissner said recently as he shopped at a roadside stand on the popular south rim of the Grand Canyon. “Driving west with a ’56 Cadillac – that’s a dream.”

Like an increasing number of foreign travellers to the U.S., Meissner couldn’t resist taking advantage of the weak U.S. dollar and gas prices here.

“Our euro is so up, and gas is dirt cheap,” said the 45-year-old wedding photographer, who shipped the car to Germany after his adventure. “We pay $8 a gallon in Germany, so we enjoy pumping gas at three bucks a gallon.”


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