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February 8, 2008

Think About It…


The price of gas is coming down a little bitty bit, but think about this: Tom Kloza of Speaking of Oil points out

At today’s price, we are paying about $303-million more each day than we were on this day last year. Today’s gasoline fuel bill was $1.119-billion compared to $815.9-million one year ago.

Jim Fraser of The Energy Blog notes that all those “cheap cars” coming in China and India will mean higher gas prices. Yes, they are extremely fuel efficient, but the people buying them made do without a car before. More cars = more consumption.

Hey, Generation Y! Check out the Energy People Connect site. “Energy People Connect is the Social Network for the Global Energy Industry.”

The Chicago Auto Show (opens today) is showing pick-up trucks deluxe. Not just for work anymore.

“You used to just see trucks at work sites or the rodeo, and seldom saw them at Smith & Wollensky for dinner,” said Mike Accavetti, Dodge brand director. “Now, it’s socially acceptable to take them to the country club, and they want to know where are the leather seats, where’s the navigation system?”

Nothing but bad news at Chrysler. Is there any hope?

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