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Summer Gasoline Prices: $4/Gallon?

Opinion is split. The Department of Energy is looking for a peak of only $3.40, but futures prices and expert analysts see higher levels. J.W. Elphinstone of the AP writes:

Many analysts believe gas prices could climb to record highs between $3.75 and $4 a gallon this spring. The Energy Department’s latest forecast calls for gas prices to peak near $3.40 a gallon this spring.

Wholesale prices rose first, and now the retail prices have followed. In each of the last several years prices have started at a higher plateau before the summer driving and hurricane seasons. There is always cyclicality, and it is sometimes extreme.

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  1. Max Says:

    we are all gonna die!!!!
    can we live at such a rate paying for those **** enviromentalist!
    **** THEM!!!!
    give me my own ********oil!!!!

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