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Energy Notes

Here we go again! Trilby Lundbergs survey of 7,000 gas stations found that the average price of reg. gas at the pumps has risen $0.16/gal. over the last 2 weeks to $3.10/gal.

The world’s second biggest energy consumer, China of course, is facing a shortage of 6 billion tons of oil over the next few years, creating a bottleneck for the country’s development.

‘Twilight in the Desert’ by Matthew Simmons has more than 100,000 copies in print (also available in German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese). It sure is looking like he is right about peak oil, doesn’t it?

What impact will the election on energy issues?

“No matter which candidate wins the presidency,” Dr. Craig Emmert, Asst. Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of TX of the Permian Basin, said, “it will be difficult to keep their campaign promises of energy independence, especially given our reliance on crude oil from the Middle East.”

Alan Greenspan said the boom in oil prices will “go on forever“.

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