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Lots of good energy-saving stories at Energy Blog.

Twin-Turbo Mustang cound be coming in 2010. Not V-8, but the Ecoboost V-6. Great performance with better fuel milage.

Consumer Reports Cars Blog looks at cars (duh!) and gas prices. Reaches Major Milestone: Waitlist for Chevy Volt Climbs to 10,000

This is not an official waiting list, but the names on the unofficial waiting list, on, will be given to GM when the time is right. has no official connection to GM, but acts as a conduit to GM about public opinion and overwhelming support for this car. Dr. Lyle Dennis writes and publishes Although a full-time physician, Lyle is a highly-committed advocate for widespread use of alternative energy and petroleum displacement, and believes the adoption of this vehicle will have a tremendously positive impact both on this country and the world as a whole. Although he has some engineering background, Lyle does not in any way work for General Motors (GM) or the car industry at all.

Bring it on!

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