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What The Candidates Are Saying (or not) About Energy

All the candidates have a vision of energy independence. The “how” part of the vision hasn’t been “ideated” (to borrow a term from he IBM commercials) yet.

The Democrats (and I’m going to take you to the movies here.)

Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaking about the energy policies he would support as president, said, “I will set big goals for this country as president — some so large that the technology to reach them does not yet exist.”
Obama said his plan to transition away from fossil fuels will be “costly in the short-term” and include higher fuel efficiency standards for vehicles.

Listen to what he says for yourself!

Edwards sees corporate greed is the underlying problem, with high fuel prices squeezing the middle class.

Hillary would try to collect money from oil companies to pay for investments in alternative energy.

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