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January 29, 2008

More Than Just News


Lots of good energy-saving stories at Energy Blog.

Twin-Turbo Mustang cound be coming in 2010. Not V-8, but the Ecoboost V-6. Great performance with better fuel milage.

Consumer Reports Cars Blog looks at cars (duh!) and gas prices. Reaches Major Milestone: Waitlist for Chevy Volt Climbs to 10,000

This is not an official waiting list, but the names on the unofficial waiting list, on, will be given to GM when the time is right. has no official connection to GM, but acts as a conduit to GM about public opinion and overwhelming support for this car. Dr. Lyle Dennis writes and publishes Although a full-time physician, Lyle is a highly-committed advocate for widespread use of alternative energy and petroleum displacement, and believes the adoption of this vehicle will have a tremendously positive impact both on this country and the world as a whole. Although he has some engineering background, Lyle does not in any way work for General Motors (GM) or the car industry at all.

Bring it on!

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January 24, 2008

What The Candidates Are Saying (or not) About Energy


All the candidates have a vision of energy independence. The “how” part of the vision hasn’t been “ideated” (to borrow a term from he IBM commercials) yet.

The Democrats (and I’m going to take you to the movies here.)

Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaking about the energy policies he would support as president, said, “I will set big goals for this country as president — some so large that the technology to reach them does not yet exist.”
Obama said his plan to transition away from fossil fuels will be “costly in the short-term” and include higher fuel efficiency standards for vehicles.

Listen to what he says for yourself!

Edwards sees corporate greed is the underlying problem, with high fuel prices squeezing the middle class.

Hillary would try to collect money from oil companies to pay for investments in alternative energy.

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A Floor to Oil Prices


Oil Prices have been falling because of the perception of slowing economic growth.

Unfortunately, OPEC takes this into account in determining supply.

Concerns about a possible U.S. recession have made the task of forecasting OPEC oil demand this year more complicated, the group said today. As a result, OPEC is less likely to decide next month to boost supplies, Reuters reported.

As long as OPEC controls supply, there is a floor to oil prices. Is there a ceiling?

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January 10, 2008

Ta-Da!!! World’s Cheapest Car


Oh, make that Tata, as in Tata Motors of India. A car for everyman, called the Nano. 4-seater, 625cc engine (whatever that means), dealer price of about $2,500.00 (100,000 rupees). Should be in stores later this year.

“Let me assure you and our critics the car we have designed will meet all safety norms and all foreign environmental criteria,” Chairman Ratan Tata said as he proudly unveiled what had been dubbed the “People’s Car” at the Auto Expo in New Delhi.

Tata planned this car as a safer and more affordable alternative to the motor bikes and scooters currently used to transport a family of four plus luggage.

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January 4, 2008

Nozzles and Hoses


Get the scoop on $100/barrel oil from Tom Kloza. It’s not your father’s gas price.

The Oil Drum reviews a new paper by Charles Hall, Robert Powers, and William Schoenberg titled “Peak Oil, Investments, and the Economy in an Uncertain Future”.

What’s good for Oklahoma may also be good for America, says David Fleischaker, Oklahoma’s Energy Secretary. Think $100/barrel oil.

The_Graduate.jpgConsider the forward thinking advice Dustin Hoffman got in “The Graduate,” Plastics! The price will inevitably be going up.

David Jackson of Seeking Alpha tells us Five Must-Know Stories in Oil and Alternative Energy.

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