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Tom Kloza of Speaking of Oil suspects “that we’ll see average U.S. prices dip below $3.00 gal by Monday.” You can track this prediction at the website OPIS put together for AAA at .

Gail, the Actuary, writes about the US Electricity Supply Vulnerabilities. “The likelihood of widespread electrical outages in next five to ten years is uncomfortably high.”

Cleantech blog talks about California’s new low-carbon fuel diet.

Don’t hold your breath, OPEC will not be raising its production (or so they say now).

Looking out our own back door

All things considered, there is simply no better place on earth to go for oil and gas than Alaska’s North Slope.

Huge Energy Bill passed in the House. But probably DOA in Senate and White House.

Zman spells out happenings in the oil/gas market

Just a sample

Crude Oil: Fell $0.83 to close at $87.49. Somewhat confusing since OPEC ministers barely got out of their limos long enough to say Cartel output is sufficient and U.S. saw their biggest drop in recent memory.

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