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November 12, 2007

Points of Interest


$100/barrel oil is good for alternative energy companies.

Tom Kloza answers 12 questions about oil.

Where Presidential Candidates stand on Energy Policy as published by the League of Conservation Voters.

Truckers are feeling the pain of high diesel costs, so are businesses. If free shipping going the way of buggy-whips?

Financial experts answer more of your questions about the hows and whys of oil prices.

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November 6, 2007

Just Ghastly


Tom Kloiza gives us some bad news: $3.00 gas is here. Geez why didn’t we fill up the tank last week?

The Energy Blog lets us know that because we don’t have a million$$ to play with, it is likely that the Fuel Cell Car powered by hydrogen is dead.

EIA says crude prices will remain high and volitile.

Ralph Nader says price of crude oil set by speculators on the trading floors, and politicians are no help.

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