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ASPO 6 Sees Tipping Points

ASPO, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas, met in Cork, Ireland Sept. 17-18.

The Oil Drum perceives that we have reached several Tipping Points with respect to Peak Oil, Climate Change and their impact on public consciousness.

Tipping Point 1:

“The battle is over – the Peakists have won.” James Schlesinger, former US Energy Secretary and ex-CIA director

Finally, credibility!

Tipping Point 2:

“A large hole that has to be filled” Mike Rodgers, PFC Energy

Over the last 10 years, we have found only 1 barrel of oil for every 3 that we use.

Tipping Point 3:

Insiders agree USGS estimates “wildly overstated”

Behind closed doors, experts challenge the USGS projections.

Tipping Point 4:

Not enough Uranium

Nuclear physicist, Michael Dittmar showed that there was sufficient uranium to grow nuclear power at only .3%/year.

Tipping Point 5:

Can rationality overcome evolutionary conditioning?

An analysis of our reluctance to plan for the future.

Tipping Point 6:

Climate Change is a Coal Problem

There is enough coal. If we burn that too, we are in serious trouble.

A lot of food for thought. Read the Oil Drum’s whole post.

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