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September 28, 2007

Gas Prices Higher in September


It is unusual for gasoline prices to remain high at the end of the summer driving season, but the Department of Energy reports that to be the case this year. Some experts see this as a new plateau, while others believe there could be a pull back. Check out the entire story in Automotive Fleet.

Fleet managers who are thinking about hedging strategies might hope for a dip and get ready to act.

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ASPO 6 Sees Tipping Points


ASPO, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas, met in Cork, Ireland Sept. 17-18.

The Oil Drum perceives that we have reached several Tipping Points with respect to Peak Oil, Climate Change and their impact on public consciousness.

Tipping Point 1:

“The battle is over – the Peakists have won.” James Schlesinger, former US Energy Secretary and ex-CIA director

Finally, credibility!

Tipping Point 2:

“A large hole that has to be filled” Mike Rodgers, PFC Energy

Over the last 10 years, we have found only 1 barrel of oil for every 3 that we use.

Tipping Point 3:

Insiders agree USGS estimates “wildly overstated”

Behind closed doors, experts challenge the USGS projections.

Tipping Point 4:

Not enough Uranium

Nuclear physicist, Michael Dittmar showed that there was sufficient uranium to grow nuclear power at only .3%/year.

Tipping Point 5:

Can rationality overcome evolutionary conditioning?

An analysis of our reluctance to plan for the future.

Tipping Point 6:

Climate Change is a Coal Problem

There is enough coal. If we burn that too, we are in serious trouble.

A lot of food for thought. Read the Oil Drum’s whole post.

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September 25, 2007

Don’t Get the Lead Out


Once again the #1 tip for fuel efficiency, mentioned in yet another “Tips to Save the Most Gas” article, is to stop being a leadfoot. Stomping on the gas; slamming on the brakes. Just say no!

It’s a dangerous way to drive, and is hard on your vehicle as well. Smoother driving can save 30-50% depending on the type of car.

Other tips include: carpooling, public transportation, etc. etc.

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Every Penny Counts


The latest Lundberg survey, which tallies prices at 5,000 gas stations every two or three weeks, shows gas prices declining by two cents in the past couple of weeks. But, don’t spend it all on that big-screen TV quite yet.

Trilby Lundberg says this is just a blip in prices, and 5-10 cents is on the way to the pump price.

“High crude oil prices have replaced refinery problems as the big gasoline price-change factor,” she said.

NJ at $2.51/gal. has the lowest price at the pump for self-serve regular. Chicago is still the highest at $3.16/gal.

We’re going to fill up now and collect those pennies, whether we need it or not. Jersey is just too far away to be practical for a pit stop.

September 21, 2007

Hard To Believe, But…


A new refinery is coming soon. 2010. USA. After all the talk about how very expensive it would be to build any new refinery (and it will be, $7 billion), comes the news that Shell with Saudi Aramco will expand their Port Arthur, TX refinery.

Ok, it’s not exactly new, but the expanded refinery is expected to increase capacity by 325,000 barrels a day.

Think $100/barrel oil has anything to do with this move?

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