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The Hot Rod Prius

Sounds like saving the earth doesn’t necessarily mean taking all the fun and adventure out of driving a hybrid car. Al Gore III was clocked at 105 mph in his Toyota Prius on Hwy 5 in Orange Co.

The question remains, why is the Prius such a screaming hot rod?

In part, it’s a reflection of the state of the automotive technology, which, as it has raised benchmarks for handling, safety and comfort, has also driven up — perhaps inadvertently — absolute performance levels.

Prius also has to meet driver expectations in Europe – higher speed limits or none at all.

Low “rolling resistance tires,” and a fit 2932 lbs. all helps.

“The way the car is optimized,” says Mike Michels, spokesman for Toyota, “from aero resistance to rolling resistance, cooling systems, the powertrain itself, all of those things any hot-rodder is interested in as making the car go faster.”

Yep, the Prius can go!!

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