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Memorial Day Weekend

Remember the true meaning of Memorial Day? Now, it’s hop in your car and take a 3-day vacation.

Tom Kloza of Speaking of Oil discusses how many $$$ you are going to need to fill the tank, and predicts a moderation of prices between now and “The Fourth.”

You know your wallet is taking a beating, but just take a look at this info.

In any case, here’s a scorecard for measuring this Memorial Day Friday versus previous kick-offs to the holiday weekend this decade. You’ll note that we are collectively spending more than twice as much on fuel as we paid as recently as 2001, 2002, and 2003, and of course for all of the prior years that aren’t represented in my quick and somewhat crude chart. We’ll probably use more than 400-million gal of gasoline perhaps today and Monday, compared with about 380-million gal on a midwinter getaway day.


Year Retail Price Expense per Day

—— ————— ——————–

Current $3.225 gal $1.28-billion

2006 $2.862 gal $1.13-billion

2005 $2.109 gal $837.9-million

2004 $2.051 gal $797.3-million

2003 $1.494 gal $583.6-million

2002 $1.403 gal $511.8-million

2001 $1.700 gal $590.3-million

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