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driving_with_Sears_Tower_in_background.jpgThe highest gasoline prices in the nation are right in our back yard. That would be the state of Illinois (ave. price $3.457), and Chicago in particular (ave. price $3.568).

What is the explanation, you may ask? Low inventories due partly to unexpected refinery shut-downs for a repairs during a time they would normally be building inventory for summer driving season. The fire and power failure at BP‘s Whiting, IN refinery – a major supplier of Chicago’s customized gas for the summer – was really bad news.

On top of all that, Chicago has sky-high taxes on gasoline.

What to do? The usual: take public transportation, carpool, walk, bike. Lawmakers are mumbling about doing “something” for tax relief on gasoline.

Or, fill ‘er up and give up food.

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