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Sooner Than You Think

We just came across a very interesting article on The Oil Drum about Ecological Footprint, Energy Consumption and the Looming Collapse. Professor Francois Cellier uses modeling and simulation, and explains in everyday language (mostly) how population growth, resource depletion are sending us on our way to Global Collapse.

He concludes:

In order to avoid the collapse, we need to get out of the exponential growth pattern as fast as we can. We ought to behave as if fossil fuels had already become essentially unavailable, using this precious commodity only for purposes where they are absolutely essential and to help us create a sustainable energy infrastructure for the future…..

By accepting the transition now, we will make it much easier, because as of now, the fossil fuels are still available to help us cheat. Where a hard transition is too painful, we can make it a soft transition. Where fossil fuels can help us create better living conditions for the future, we can still use them. Finally, by weaning us off our addiction voluntarily now, we prolong the availability of the remaining resources substantially.

It is a bitter medicine, no doubt.

Can we understand its necessity? You bet!

Will it happen? I see no inkling of it.

Just remember, while we weren’t looking, somebody poked a rather large hole in our ozone. Time to get our house in order.

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