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Fuel Economy 26th. What are they thinking?

Fuel economy is not uppermost in car shoppers’ minds. Fact is: it is way down on the list. Way behind low monthly payment, style, passenger protection, airbags, cupholders, sound system etc. $3 gas, pooh! Make sure my coffee is convenient!

If you think milage is #1, you would be wrong on that too. Comfort and safety are most important. (think big) As for 4 cylinders? Pooh on that too!

“When you figure out how much you’re paying at the end of the year, it’s not that much more,” he said of his Lucerne. “It’s maybe a couple of hundred dollars more per year.”

That would be a V-8 I think.

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  1. Joe B Says:

    If comfort and safety is #1, then why are people buying those big SUVs? They offer none. They’re too bulky inside and offer too much bells and whistles (which most people either don’t use or don’t know how). And I definitely see no safety in narrow wheel base.

    Here’s a question – Why do you see so many 4x4s in the city? I’ve seen some with brush guards and flood lights on the top. Do you think those people go on a safari over the weekend? BEcause they saw the commercial and some guy was driving it through the woods and over the rocky hills…

    It’s all about status. Most consumers are just plain stupid.

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